About Us

RuinAdalia Hotel consists of 5 Ottoman mansions, belonging to the 19th and 20thcentury periods, build on a 2000 square meters in the Kaleiçi, where we see the life traces of 5 different civilizations coming to our era from the ages in Antalya, the apple of the eye of Mediterranean shores. All of the mansions are registered Ottoman houses and make that you, our guest, live a privilege with 26 splendid rooms in total, 4 of which are suite rooms (the Main House), 16 deluxe rooms, and 6 standard rooms. In these rooms, the pen decorated ceiling, which is an Ottoman architecture, original Ottoman cooker, stained glasses and entrances are decorated with Podima stones.

One of the other features of RuinAdalia Hotel is that it is a place known as the widest archeological excavation site in Kaleiçi. You can see the historical stratigraphy of Antalya of the Ancient Era as a museum. 287 historical works, to be exhibited after the excavations done under the control of Antalya Archeology Museum, are in the site of the Hotel museum.