PERA MAGNA TURİZM İŞLETMELERİ TİC. A.Ş. (“PERA MAGNA TURİZM”) [PERA MAGNA TOURISM ENTERPRISES INC (“PERA MAGNA TOURISM”)] adheres to the principle of confidentiality and protection of personal data. In this notification, the steps we performed for protecting your information are described in detail. The personal data we collect, for which purposes this information is used, and the selections you did related with this collection. The steps we do for protecting your personal data and how you would review and correct your personal data are also in the scope of this notification. By accessing our web sites, you are deemed to accept the usage ways described in this confidentiality notification.


The Information We Get Directly Fom You

In general, you may visit the web sites of PERA MAGNA TURIZM, without entering any personal data. We may request you to provide your personal data for offering a certain service or for performing the procedure you wish in same pages. The personal data we collect may contain: your name, title, name of the company/organization, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, information related with your company and terms of reference, e-mail marketing preferences, financial information (such that credit card or account information is included), the information like the nationality and the country in which you live for enabling us to decide on your compatibility to the related export controlling regulations for transferring the information related with certain technologies, the information to be used for customizing and easing using our web site such as logging in and technical information, the questions on our products and services and your orders, and the information which would aid us to determine the products and services  most suitable for your needs, event recording information and your feedback you’d give on our web sites and in general products.

It is not mandatory that you give this information, however, we may not provide the service or the procedure you wish in cases where you don’t give this information.


Information Collected Automatically

The information related with your visit to our site, including the pages you viewed, amount of the bytes transferred, the links you clicked, the materials you access, and the other procedures you performed in the sites of PERA MANGA TURIZM, is collected by us. You may correlate this information with your identity for determining your possible interest related with our products and services in the sites you entered with the user id. Also, some standard information, you sent to every web site visited, is also collected like, your internet protocol (IP) address, type of your browser, its abilities and language, your operating system, the date and time of accessing the site, from which web site you access to our site. All this information is not correlated to your identity.


Using Information

Services and procedures: Your personal data is used for offering services or performing procedures such as giving information on the products of PERA MANGA TURIZM, recording the products purchased, meeting the product orders, processing the compensation requests in the scope of guarantee, changing product manuals, responding to the requests of the customer services, and easing the usage of our web sites, etc. The information we collected from our web sites may be united with the information we collect through other methods for us to present more consistent behavior in your relations with PERA MANGE TURIZM.

Improving web sites: We may use your personal data for easing using our web sites by preventing from entering the web sites and improvements related with the PERA MAGNA TURIZM products or services or the same information again and again or for customizing the sites based on your special preferences and interests.

Communication: We may use the personal information we collect from our web sites for informing you on the products and services offered by PERA MAGNA TURIZM, provided that your consent is taken. When collecting information that can be used for establishing communication with you related with our products and services, you shall always be have the option of not wanting such communication. Furthermore, there shall be a subscription cancellation link enabling that such communication is halted in every e-mail we send. In case that you choose to terminate subscription, you would be removed from the related list in 10 business days.

Job applications: It may be required that you provide information related with yourself like your resume related with the job applications or researches. Such information may be used by affiliates or subsidiary institutions, under the control of PERA MAGNA TURIZM. This information is saved for using afterwards unless otherwise is requested by you.

Using introductory information and web information knowbots: The introductory information are the small files, saved in the memory of your hard disk and your browsers by the web sites. This information may be used for monitoring how many times the site is visited and the number of visitors coming to the site, determining and analyzing the usage behavior of the ones visiting our sites (including the effects of online advertisements), storing the information like your preferences and technical information useful in the interaction with our web site. Session introduction information (the introductory information deleted when the browser session is closed( and the other information useful for managing the session may be used for saving the user identity and profile elements and easing surfing in our web sites (especially related with your information searches and ordering). A lot of internet browsers accept the introductory information automatically but you may change the settings of your browser to reject the introductory information or to warn you when introductory information is placed in your computer. If you prefer to reject introductory information, you may not fully use the features of PERA MAGNA TURIZM’s web sites and the other web sites you visit. Our sites may contain electronic images, called as web knowbots, enabling that we know how many users visited our site and which is also called as single pixel gifs. There may also be web knowbots in our introductory e-mail messages and bulletin boards for determining whether our messages are opened and any procedure is done or not.

Disclosing your personal data: Except the cases stated below, your personal data you provide PERA MAGNA TURIZM shall not be shared with PERA MAGNA TURIZM and the affiliates and subsidiaries under her control without your permission.

Disclosing to the service providers: PERA MAGNA TURIZM makes agreements with the other companies for providing services such as hosting web sites, sending information, performing procedures and analyzing web sites to provide services on her behalf. Only the elements of your personal data is given to these companies they need for performing the mentioned services. It is forbidden that these companies and their employees use your information for other purposes.

Disclosing to the distributors: We may share your personal information with the companies distributing our products for responding your demand. In such cases, only the elements of your personal data are given to these companies they need for performing the mentioned services and it is forbidden that these companies and their employees use your information for other purposes. In some cases we may request your consent for sharing your information with the distributors for marketing purposes, other than responding your demand. However, your information is not used for such marketing purposes unless you clearly give consent.

Disclosure related with the processes: We may disclose some or all of your personal information to the financial companies, state institutions, transportation companies, or postal services, which are involved in the performance of process related with some processes.

Disclosure related with company purchasing or selling: There may be situations where PERA MAGNA TURIZM decides to buy, sell, merge or reorganize the enterprises in some countries because of strategic or other business reasons. Such processes may require that your personal information is disclosed to possible or real buyers. Ensuring that the information in question is protected suitably in such processes is one of the principles of PERA MAGNA TURIZM.

Disclosure due to other reasons: The personal data may be disclosed in cases required by the laws or for performing legal procedures requested for defending our rights or assets or for protecting personal safety of any person in emergencies, as a result of goodwill for following legal necessities.



PERA MAGNA TURIZM is bound by the principle of protecting your personal data. We use various security technologies and methods for protecting your personal data against unauthorized access, usage or disclosure. For example, the personal data you provide is saved in places and computer systems where access is restricted. When you log in or do a commercial transaction in any one of our web sites, the security technologies are used, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is considered as standard in the industry, for encoding the information in order to transmit the access information specific to you or your company. In the sites you log in, it is your responsibility to ensure your password and not to disclose this information to other persons. Your ID is verified when surfing in the site you logged in or going one site to another one using the same logging in mechanism, through encrypted introduction information, placed in your machine.

Reviewing your personal data: In some cases, you may review and correct the personal data, you gave through our web sites, by going to the page you gave this information. In any case, you may fill the APPLY TO US form for reviewing and correcting the personal data collected over our web sites or for requesting PERA MAGNA TURIZM to stop using them. We may do some procedures for verifying your identity before enabling access to your personal data. You may assist us for keeping your information correctly by notifying us the changes in your mailing address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Permitting transferring the personal data internationally: The personal data obtained from our web sites may be sent to the other countries where PERA MAGNA TURIZM or her subsidiaries or affiliates or representatives are. We may store or process this information. Even though the personal data protection laws in these countries may show differences from where you stay, all kinds of possible precautions are taken for ensuring that your confidentiality is protected. By using our web sites and providing your information, you’d be deemed accepted that the information is transferred outside the country stayed.

Information about the children: PERA MAGNA TURIZM doesn’t collect information from the children or related with children and doesn’t have any activity targeting collection of information about children.

Links to other sites: Our web sites, may contain links to the other sites belonging to the distributors, subsidiaries and affiliates, sales partners of PERA MAGNA TURIZM, professional and public institutions and publishing. We also have links to the third party suppliers, hosting, maintaining and operating online training programs. Even though we endeavor to establish link to the sites sharing and respecting the high standards we apply, we declare that we are not responsible for the contents, security or confidentiality applications, they realize,of the mentioned other sites.

Application of this confidentiality notification: If you have questions on this notification or processing your personal data, Please Apply to Us. It shall be endeavored to immediately deal with and conclude your problem.

Changes in this confidentiality notification: PERA MAGNA TURIZM may update this confidentiality notification without compensating the principle of confidentiality and protection of personal data when required. When this is done, the “last updating date” on the top and bottom of the confidentiality notification is changed too. Your approval is taken with the accepting or not option provided to you for the updates, not included in any way in this confidentiality notification and enlarging and increasing materially the sharing or usage of the information in question.