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What is a Cookie and Why it is Used?

Cookies are small text files stored to your device or the network server through browsers by the internet sites you visit. The main purposes for using cookies in our internet site are listed below:

  • Improving the services offered to you through increasing the functionality and performance of the internet site,
  • Improving the internet site and presenting new features over the internet site and customizing the features presented based on your preferences,
  • Ensuring the security of the internet site, your and our company’s legal and commercial security.


The Types of Cookies Used in Our Internet Site

Session Cookies: The session cookies are the temporary cookies used during the visit by the visitors to our internet site, and deleted after the browser is closed. The main purpose for using such cookies is to ensure that our internet site runs smoothly during your visit.

Persistent Cookies: The persistent cookies are the type of cookies used for increasing the functionality of the internet site, for offering quicker and better service to our visitors, for knowing you as an existent user, and for offering recommendations specific to you.

Thanks to the persistent cookies, in case that you visit our site more than once, it is checked whether there is a cookie generated by our internet site in your device or not and if there is, it is understood that you visited the site before and the content to be transmitted to you is determined accordingly and by this way a better service is offered to you.


Preventing Cookie Usage

You have the means to customize your preferences related with cookies by changing the settings of your browser. The browser producers offers help pages on the management of cookies specific to their products and please check the links below for more information.

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With the methods stated in this cookie policy, profiling process can be done and the activity necessary for improving our site is conducted.

This cookie policy issued by our society may be updated periodically without notifying beforehand in order to indicate our personal data applications. In case that a substantial change is done in our cookie policy, there shall be a remarkable notification in our internet site and information shall be given in this way. In addition, you may find the last update date of this cookie policy in the top part of this cookie policy.