As RuinAdalia Otel,

We are preparing to serve a holiday service where the social distance is preserved and all hygiene rules are raised to the highest level together with our management team and all coworkers. We take firms steps forward by having that all personnel takes the necessary trainings with quality control, food hygiene, work safety experts, and workplace physician in the precautions published or will be published in the scope of the Covid-19 precautions. With the precautions taken and trainings, we kindly inform you that we shall do our best for ensuring your travelling safety and we wish you healthy days.

Temperatures shall be measured when entering and exiting in the main gate.


In the scope of the precautions;

1.  A disinfection tool and mat shall be placed to the entrance of the main gate. People shall enter the hotel after the disinfectant at the entrance is used.

2.  For the people with high fever, the EMERGENCY PROCEDURE shall be applied in stages by our personnel involved in the training and drilling process as it is stated in the procedure.

3. The Hygiene trainings are completed.



1.  The valet service shall not be applied.

2.  Disinfection procedures shall be applied especially for the luggage of the guests.

3.  The payment system should be credit card, contactless payment, mail order, or bank swift advantages; the money circulation shall be minimized.

4.  The pens used in the front office shall be disposable and the disinfection process, formed according to the working order, shall be ensured and recorded for the pen used.

5.  With which frequency the guest rooms should be cleaned shall be included and signed in the commitment form given in the reception. The room should not be entered until requested by the guest.

6.  The processes for the people with high fever during C-IN shall be applied in stages as stated in the EMERGENCY PROCEDURE of our hotel by the personnel involved in the training and drilling procedures.

7.  The holiday history and temperature shall be recorded for 14 days retrospectively.



1.  Maids should use mask (natural air should be taken by opening once every 20 min.), powderless gloves and disposable overalls and these shall be changed in every room.

2. The towels should be bagged and distributed to the rooms as bagged. All bag processes in the facility shall be converted into presentation with bag.

3.  H/K should be disposable cleaning rags and or a different rag is used in each room and it should be monitored.

4.  During room cleaning, the rooms should be fixed to the maids for each personnel entering the same room.

5.  The room should be disinfected via pulverization method after cleaning process is over.

6.  Door seals, including “Disinfected for you” information, shall be attached and the guest shall enter the disinfected room by tearing this seal when entering for the first time.

7.  Mask, gloves and disinfectant shall be added to the boucle materials of the guest rooms. The hygiene kit shall be ready in the rooms. The information papers, that can’t be erased, shall be collected and the information shall be guided to the info channel.

8. The materials, with textile characteristics, decorative, inerasable, in all rooms and general places shall be collected.



1.  It shall be gone over a la carte system and when the guests sit in the tables, the disposable services shall be opened and the services shall be started.

2.  The breads shall be offered as sliced and roll breads and the types sliced by our chiefs.

3.  The tea, coffee buffet are in a certain area and it shall be regulated such that it is distributed by the service personnel.

4.  The disinfection process should be applied to all buffets at the end of the service.

5.  All employees shall work with the protective equipment, organized according to Covid-19 in the related area in our facility.

6.  The capacity of the restaurant shall be decreased to 60% and the tables shall be separated with a 1.5 m distance from each other.

7.  There are social distance signs in the pub and buffets.

8.  The personnel servicing and collecting leftovers shall wear gloves with different color and contamination shall not be allowed.

9.  The silverware products shall be sterilized at high temperature and prepared for presentation in special packages.

10.  Disposable tissue should be used in the pub and kitchen.

11.  The apparatus such as pipette, decorations shall be decommissioned for a while.

12.  Salt-pepper shall be disposable and in a package.

13.  The snacks shall be of private, single use, packaged.

14.  The napkins shall not be left exposed.

15.  The tables and chairs should be disinfected by the personnel after each service.

16.  The presentation of all products shall be made to be served by the cooks with transparent, plastic container in the café-break hour.

17.  For the room service shall be done without entering the room, if possible, and by wearing disposable apron and gloves just before, if it is not possible.



1.  The cleaning of the ventilations shall be done with frequent periods to be determined.

2.  The cleaning of air conditioner filters should be done with frequent periods to be determined.

3.  The personnel of the technical service shall absolutely use gloves, mask, and galosh.

4.  Monitoring of the UV lambs belongs to the technical personnel.

5.  Positive or negative/natural ventilation shall be done in the general areas and common usage areas.

6.  It shall be cared that the chlorine levels of the pools are in between 1.5 ppm and 3 ppm.



1.  Collective organizations should not be planned.

2.  The trainings shall be organized according to the social distance rule and, if possible, outdoor environments shall be used.



1.  The food shall be purchased from suppliers, according to the food legislation of the foods and to the good acceptance standards formed by the enterprise.

2.  The papers, required to be maintained according to the procedure principles and provided and the standards required to be applied in the good acceptance points in the cooperation process shall be sent as mail by the related departments.

3.  The planning for visiting the suppliers shall be reviewed by the food safety team and supplier visits shall be done.

4.  The facility workers and suppliers perform the procedures by wearing the protective equipment during good acceptance stage.

5.  The facility employees record the temperature readings of the suppliers, from which they accept the goods. They complete the paper works in the table at the entrance of the office, without letting them in.



All of our precautions shall be taken according to the Communique on the Restricted Normalization Process in the Lodging Facilities, dated: 12.05.2020 and the legal arrangements shall be currently monitored and reflected into our precautions taken. In addition to this:

•  There shall be a fixed disinfectant box in each department for using by the personnel.

•  There shall be a fixed disinfectant box in each floor, next to the elevator, for using by the personnel.

•  The social distance rules shall be presented as planned and marked for all areas, including beach, snack, lobby and elevator.

•  There shall be grey colored garbage bins in the general area for mask wastes.

•  Personnel cafeteria areas shall be organized according to the capacity calculation in the Communique.

•  The doors, windows and blinds shall be opened and natural UV shall be used for natural ventilation after cleaning in the general areas and all rooms.

•  A mechanism for opening by foot shall be attached in all general area toilets. The disinfectant boxes shall be kept in all areas.

•  Covid-19 precautions shall be monitored and supervised in all enterprises having activities as open in the hotel.

•  All audits and controls shall be reported daily to the top management.


Wishing you good holiday...