Museum History

The most extensive area of archaeological excavation in Kaleiçi is located under RuinAdalia Hotel. Here you can observe the historical stratigraphy of ancient Antalya.

In the archaeological excavations begun in 2008 at Block A, the continuation of the tracks found at the Hadrian Gate was discovered. These tracks start from under Block A, reaching the Hadrian Gate in the east and then the necropolis of the ancient city of Attaleia, known today as the Eastern bus terminal. It is probable that the western extension of this ancient road reaches the ancient harbor. One of the side streets connected to this tangential road under Block A traverses Block F and reaches Block E underground. A variety of water canals have been found as part of this street’s infrastructure. Among these canals is a fresh water or hot water pipe system created by a series of ancient clay pipes as well as sewage canals made of stones.  A number of Roman indoor spaces have been discovered along this street on both sides. Some of these have tiled floors while others were made with compacted earth. During the East Roman Period, however, these tiles and compacted earth floors were covered with marble or baked plate floors, resulting in a secondary settlement. Apparently holy structures with apses were also discovered from the Roman and East Roman periods along regular settlements.

A lot of graves were found inside these buildings. A glaze furnace, which has an important value and dated to the Eastern Roman Era, under the Block-F. Plenty of glass slag and baked soil tripods, placed under the ceramics in the furnace for glazing, were found in this furnace. It is known that the same places were used after changing or there are re-settlements at one upper layer in the Seljuk Era, coming after the Eastern Roman Era. The upper layer of the Ottoman Empire is mixed with the Early Republic Period and old structures with bay windows, still used today, are seen.

A lot of ceramics, coins, glass and metal objects were revealed, which support dating of all these archeological structure, revealed in the archeological excavations done. Some of the works comes out in the archeological excavations done from the beginning of our RuinAdalia Hotel to today are exhibited in the Antalya Archeology museum. 287 historical works are in the museum part of our Hotal to be exhibited.