Our Story

The Hotel RuinAdalia is located at the focal point of the arc of the exterior walls that surround the small harbor and the old city known as Kaleiçi; it is on the street known today as “Hesapçı Sokak,” which runs along the main axis connecting the Hadrian Gate and the Hıdırlık Tower.

A hotel complex is designed as the combination of five separate but neighboring Ottoman houses built in the 19th century. Each house brings its own unique architectural style, spirit, color, and story to this union of hospitality.

Architectural projects are drafted in full cognizance of the cultural heritage involved; conservation, repair, and restoration work begins. Shortly after the first few excavation attempts, however, surprising architectural remnants appear. A team of commissioned archaeologists begin official excavations in 2008, growing in scope and lasting until 2019. Traces of streets and avenues, walls of religious and civil architecture, architectural blocks, various floor coverings, workshops, water and sewage systems from the Roman Period until the Ottoman Period emerge in a complex web. Beneath the hotel grounds lies the most extensive part of the excavated ancient city.

Everything is ready !!!

These results lead to numerous changes in the architectural project. While work continues on detailed restoration, repair, and arrangements, specialists also work on the exhibition of archaeological sites, visitor paths, climatization, and conservation.

The name, RuinAdalia, suits her well.


Why RuinAdalia?

The Hotel RuinAdalia is the point of invitation to a majestic journey for centuries, from Attaleia to Adalia, from Adalia to today’s Antalya, to a history blooming cultures with thousand flowers on her, and extending to solving of her archeological mystery…

The Hotel RuinAdalia is the privilege of welcoming the biggest historical texture of the city, belonging to Roman, Byzantium, Seljuk, and ottoman eras, revealed with care in the excavations lasting for years; of leaping to hundreds of years before with a small step…

The Hotel RuinAdalia is the name of making discovering, the Kaleiçi, Antalya a feast, “the cute girl watching her own beauty in the clear mirror of the Mediterranean”…